We Are Closed Due to Lockdown !

Given the lockdown and closure of borders we regret to inform you that our services will be suspended till further notice. Thanks for your understanding. Regards JaivikFood team.

Delivery Precautions from Corona Virus

Important information. The best precaution for stopping Corona virus spread is to reduce contacts as much as possible. *JaivikFood* is ensuring all our staff has no visible signs of infection. For next few weeks, we will be following below given protocol for our deliveries:
*1)* will use disposable delivery bags to be left at your doors which should be picked up by you.
*2)* We will prefer *online* payment or cash/cheque deposit directly into any of *ICICI Bank* in favour of *Himalayan Organic Produce Company A/C 157705001632*
*3)* Request all customers living in *Gated Societies* to please arrange to collect your delivery from society gate. Our delivery staff will call you in advance to coordinate exact time of pickup. Our staff will *Not* enter into any gated society due to increased risk and restrictions imposed by societies, which are understandable so.
*4)* As a general guidelines, please avoid bargain hunting and place order with limited vendors of your choice to minimise contacts.
*5)* Please place your order as early as possible so that deliveries can be planned more efficiently.
*… Precaution is better than treatment…* Thanks for your continued support. Ashok Joshi.

Use Coupons & Get Discounts

Friends, We all love to get some discounts specially when its weekly shopping for kitchen.  Here are few options for you to get discounts on your bills when ordering organic and natural food from JaivikFood.com

  1. REFER AND GAIN. Friends, this is our token of thanks for your support to us to reach to new customers. If any of your friend or family member places an order above Rs 1000/- we will extend a discount of Rs 250 to your next bill of minimum order value of Rs 1500. This is in addition to JVF Club members discount, if applicable.
  2. New Customer : If you are a new customer placing orders directly on us , please use coupon code JVF10 and get flat discount of 10% on your order above Rs 1000/.
  3. JVF Club Members. Our esteemed JVF Club members can enjoy a 10% discount valid for ordering on or before Thursday for order value above Rs Rs 1500.
  4. Online Order : To promote website sales, you can save 5% on every order placed directly on our website for order value above Rs 1000/-
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Completion of Four Years- Thank You

Wishing you all a very Happy Navratri and start of Hindu New year. This is also a very special moment for JaivikFood. We started our operations on 21st March 2015 , 1st Navratri of that year.
With completion of 4 years, there is lot to feel good about as we met thousands of good people, nature loving people who are contributing in their own ways to stop the menace of chemicals in food. These are customers of JaivikFood who willingly pay a premium for good food, the farmers who resist the temptation of hybrid seeds, chemicals for growth or pesticides, marketers like The Earth Collective or Green Crusaders Market, the teachers of natural farming Subhash Palekar and many more from our network of supporters and traders who despite umpteen challenges of logistics have been supporting each other. There is also a lot to improve based on the feedback and the pitfalls we came across. There is lot to look forward with the encouragement we received specially for our efforts to bring special indigenous varieties of food which were given up for the high yield varieties by farmers and traders. To mention a few, Khapli or Emmer Wheat, an ancient variety from Border regions of Karnataka and Maharashtra, Kalanamak Rice , a naturally scented rice from tarai region of eastern UP, Ganesh Variety of Pomegranate with light colour arils filled with sweet juice, Chinia Bananas from Bihar. All these desi varieties are filled with goodness of taste, texture and nutrients as nature takes more time to produce less compared to the hybrid varieties. The other benefit is being desi varieties, these are suitable to our climate and very hardy crops which do not need chemicals to grow and are resistant to diseases and pests. In turn, they are highly nutritional to eat.
A special thanks to my family and friends who supported us thru thick and thin of every day. We could not have come so far without any of you. Our humble gratitude to you all whom we interacted in numerous ways and learned a lot. THANKS and once again a Very Happy New Hindu Year.
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Farmers Market

JaivikFood will be there at Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin with our special #kalanamak rice from tarai region of eastern Uttar Pradesh, #khapli #emmer#wheat from Maharashtra , Dehraduni Basmati rice and many other goodies like #bedana #anaar#desi #chinia #bananas from Bihar etc. all free from chemicals. We also bring our weekly supply of free vegetables from cleaner environment of Uttarakhand. Come visit us from  9am to 1pm every Sunday.
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for details visit www.jaivikfood.com

Sunder Nursery

Refer & Gain

REFER AND GAIN. Friends, with New season, we would require your help to reach us to New customers. If any of your friend or family members places an order above Rs 500/- we will extend a discount of 10% to your bill of that week. This is in addition to JVF Club members discount, if any. Thanks for your continued support.
If you are a new customer placing orders directly on us , please use coupon code JVF10 and get flat discount of 10% on your order above Rs 1000/. Thanks
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Traditional Way of Ripening Bananas

Traditional way of ripening desi bananas by our zbnf farmers. Keeping the #Chinia #Bananas inside a mud pit filled with smoke. Now option is yours to go for chemically ripened hybrid tasteless bananas which are firm , uniformly ripened and look good Or eat these healthy , tasty small goodies.
Visit www.jaivikfood.com or contact 8826455594 for home delivery in Delhi and Noida.

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GM Food Illegally Sold in India

Following Centre for Science and Environment (CSE’s) study findings on more than 20+ food products found to have illegal genetically modified (GM) ingredients and FSSAI’s inaction after repeated complaints on it,
We will be going to FSSAI to make our voice heard to get the food products removed from the shelves and to get action taken against the firms involved in this on 7th August Tuesday at 11 am. We meet at FDA Bhawan Near Bal Bhawan Kotla Marg,nearest metro ITO metro. Delhi-110002 Please join and spread the word.
For more information on the report
https://www.downtoearth.org.in/coverage/cse-study-finds-genetically-modified-ingredients-in-food-products-61245GMFood In India 2018 CSE

JVF Club Members Enjoy Loyalty Benefits

Loyalty pays and so do we at JaivikFood !!! JVF Club membership would be allowed to limited customers on first cum first basis. All our existing customers upto Dec 2016, without whom, we would not have come so far, would be automatically offered to be registered as JVF Club members to start enjoying the benefits it comes with. Unlike other loyalty programs, JVF Club is a based on your current buying pattern and there is no Loyalty number to quote. We believe in knowing you by your name and address. The benefits will roll back to you automatically whenever you qualify for them.

Benefits :

1. Special member’s discount of 10% applicable on billed amount of Rs 1,500/- or more.
2. No delivery charges for order value of Rs 750/- or more.
3. Complimentary samples  of our newly introduced products exclusively to you.
4. Priority in your order fulfilment in case of limited quantity of any product.
5. A guided tour of Organic Farms once a year subject to suitability of resources/climate etc.
6. Refer your friends.  Not only that you will a receive a token of gift from JaivikFood, you will earn an additional 5% discount on your next purchase , whenever your new reference places his/her first order of Rs 500/- or more.

Eligibility and other T&Cs :

1. At least 3 orders in a month except when informed in advance about out of station.
2. Order to be placed ONLINE on our website www.jaivikfood.com by 8pm Thursday for delivery on Sunday.
3. An yearly non-refundable deposit of Rs 2000/- ( waived for initial round of JVF members) to be made in advance.
4. JVF Club membership is subject to discretion of the management of the company and is purely based on buying pattern (order value and frequency)
5. JVF Club program can be withdrawn by the company anytime without any claim whatsoever except that the yearly deposit, if any will be returned on pro-rata basis.